Summer Hair Care

Imagine the damage our skin would get if we didn’t use sun-cream ??? Well our hair is no different and we need to protect those strands on warm days, the suns uv rays actually burn the hair shaft and some of this damage is irreversible so prevention is better then cure , blonde hair gets parched quicker and causes the hair shaft to swell and ultimately break.

Tips for Summer Fun Hair

1. Start with a summer trim ,hair really does grow faster in the summer so it quite important to keep on top of it. If you really are holding out on that cut then we highly recommend Joico’s Split end mender , it’s a miracle cream.

2. Going Swimming , weather that’s to the Pool ,the Beach or even the Hot Tub we need to protect, chlorine can strip the hair of natural oils and blondes will notice a greenish tone whilst sea water can weigh very heavily on the hair shaft causing dullness and lack of shine and roughness.

Tips before entering water:

Saturate the hair with a mix of conditioner and oil ,we highly recommend moroccanoil treatment oil, immediately after swimming or bathing use a clarifying shampoo to remove the oil and conditioner mix and lift out chlorine or salt water build up then continue to use your regular shampoo and conditioner , moroccanoil hydrate or Joico moisture Shampoo’s are always recommended best at this time of year.

3. Protect those locks. Always use a heat and uv protective spray before heat and sun exposure if its gets very hot make sure you wear a sunhat. A health scalp is the secret to heathy hair so don’t let it burn. Joico luster lock multi perfector shine and protect spray is unbeatable when it come to this type of product.

4. Relax with the use of hot tools, Simply braid or pontail platt your hair after washing for the beautiful next day beach hair , it is that time of the year after all 😊 Using a little moroccanoil texture spray or moroccanoil curl cream can enhance even the straightest of hair to create that perfect beach wave. Beach Hair Don’t Care 😉

5. Humidity is unavoidable even on those dull rainy days so never forget to use an couple of pumps of you moroccanoil treatment after conditioning to keep all at bay and to use a serum to tame day after hair , Alfaparf semi di lino liquid crystals does the trick without weighing down hair.

6. Really give that summer hair a treat. Hydrate using a really good mask once a week. We highly recommend Joico K-pak Revitaluxe for this very job

7. Over washing your hair will always come at a cost so don’t be afraid to reach out for the dry shampoo. But do your research on this , poor quality dry shampoo can cause all sorts of scalp irritations and block the pores on the scalp. We Strongly recommend the use of Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.
Summer is Beautiful so get out there and make the most of it , we live is the most beautiful country in the world.

Love From
Your Color Starz Team xxxx